(podium presentations)


Oral presentation of Free Papers should correspond to complete studies with outstanding results and innovative conclusions.

The free paper sessions includes topics on:

  • Femoroacetabular Impingement
  • Extrarticular impingement
  • Peritrochanteric pathology
  • Deep gluteal syndrome 
  • Hip Arthroscopy
  • Sport injuries in the hip
  • Groin pain
  • PAO Periacetabular Osteotomy
  • Alteraçoes morfologicas extremas - Osteotomias femurais e acetabulares
  • Pelvic trauma
  • Hip trauma
  • Total Hip Replacement
  • THA revision
  • Metal on metal hip replacement
  • Hip resurfacing
  • Dual mobility hip replacement

The work needs to be scheduled for 5 minutes of presentation (maximum 10 slides). A discussion of 10 minutes will be held after each 4 presentations.

  • Speakers must adhere strictly to the scheduled times according to the programme.
  • Only computer projection will be available. No overhead or slide projectors will be available in the meeting rooms, and it will not be possible to use personal laptops.
  • Speakers are kindly requested to use PowerPoint Office (Windows or Mac) with slide size set as Widescreen 16:9. Presentations prepared with Keynote and Prezi can also be accepted but additional technical support might be required on-site. Authors in this situation should anticipate an earlier upload of the material at the Speakers Preview CenterThe uploading of DVD movies is NOT supported.
  • We recommend using “.gif” and “.jpg” formats for images. Other types of extension are accepted but prior advice from our technical team on-site is required. Please send a detailed request to before preparing the presentation.
  • MPEG2 is the preferred format for embedded movies, but *.avi, *.wmv are also accepted. If Codecs are used, the Code package DivX in the current version should be chosen. This can be found at
  • Confirm that all the necessary files are in the SAME FOLDER as your presentation.
  • Use large fonts (the minimum font size should be 18 points). If you cannot fit all your subjects on a slide without moving to a smaller font, break the points up onto separate slides.
  • Limit each slide to one main idea with three to six points. If more than six points (bullets) are included in one slide, your audience will have difficulties to read it. We recommend 5 to 7 slides for a five-minute free paper.
  • The use of USB pens or memory sticks is advisable to upload presentations easily at the Speakers Preview Centre.
  • Enclosure of a disclaimer at the bottom of the ending slide (Acknowledgment, Summary, or Question & Answer Session slide) is recommended. One of the following disclaimers should be stated in the presentation, depending on the situation of the authors:
    - The author declares that the research for and communication of this independent body of work does not constitute any financial or other conflict of interest, or
    - The author declares that a conflict of interest exists in respect of this work owing to his/her duties as [position] for [company name], and the potential subsequent financial ties arising from this position (including payment for current or future research, ownership of stock and stock options, fees for advice or public speaking, consulting, service on advisory boards or for medical training companies, and receipt of patents or patents pending).

All Free Papers correctly validated will be included in the scientific programme of the Porto International Hip Meeting 2020.

Electronic material for presentations is uploaded directly at the congress venue, at the Speaker Preview Centre on the following schedule:

  • Thursday 02 July 2020 – from 10:00 to 16:00
  • Friday 03 July 2020 – from 09:00 to 16:00

Technical assistance will be provided and material can be edited/updated at working stations on-site. 

If you are giving more than one speech during the Congress, you may upload all your presentations at the same time and they will be sent to the corresponding session hall at the time of your session.

For any further information please contact Porto International Hip Meeting Coordination at: e-mail:




Abstracts should be written in English, portuguese or spanish limited to 300 words and submitted on-line, through this portal

All abstracts submitted for podium presentations will be also be considered for ePoster presentation.


Will be based on the following criteria:

Scientific Merit (0 – 6)

Originality of project (0-2)

Clinical Usefulness (0-2)



By submitting an abstract you are consenting to Porto Hip Unit Association for development and education in Orthopaedics, via its appointed third-party agents, to storing your data. The personal data provided in the submission process will be used to engage and correspond with you and corresponding authors regarding your Porto International Hip Meeting 2020 abstract submission, annual scientific meeting registration and information regarding Porto Hip Unit association activities.

We guarantee the confidentiality of the personal data. Therefore, the collected personal data in the abstract submission (name, academic titles, e-mail, address, phone/skype/social media contacts) will be used only for the purposes that are specified above.

You can exercise the right of access, modification, cancellation or opposition by a written request to Porto Hip Unit Association by email to:


Authors need to have the following information readily available when submitting an abstract

  1. Complete contact information for the presenting author including the research institution.

  2. Provide the abstract title in full for publishing.

  3. Submit the abstract text as plain text into a text box located in the online application.

  4. Please note, graphics and tables are not accepted.

  5. Completed the Financial Disclosure Statement and Copyright License Agreement on behalf of all authors. These should be completed and uploaded as attachments to your abstract.

  6. Author warranty: authors must read and abide by the guidelines below to be considered for presentation.