e-Poster Enfermería


  • Nurses who would like to present their work at the Porto International Hip Meeting 2022, either orally or as a poster, are invited to submit an abstract for consideration by the Scientific Programme Chairs.
  • There are no fees to submit an abstract.
  • Abstracts can only be submitted online via the Abstract Submission System. Abstracts sent by post or email will not be accepted. No exceptions will be made.
  • Only abstracts that have been submitted properly will be considered for the Porto International Hip Meeting 2022
  • Any technical questions regarding the submission process should be sent to portohipunit@gmail.com. 



  • The abstract must address scientific questions, detail clinical observations, or contain primary scientific data.
  • Abstracts may be on any topic related: Hip Patient Care. 

    Abstracts should be submitted in clear English, Portuguese or Spanish to allow the reviewers to focus on the scientific content of the abstract. 

  • Please ensure your abstract does not contain spelling, grammar, or scientific mistakes, as it will be reproduced exactly as submitted. Linguistic accuracy is your responsibility. No proof reading will be done.
  • Do not slice results from the same study into multiple abstracts. The Scientific Programme Chairs reserve the right to reject abstracts when inappropriate slicing of data is suspected. Similarly, do not submit a copy or close copy of an abstract under more than one topic. Abstracts that appear to be submitted multiple times under different topics will be rejected.
  • All research and studies in submitted abstracts that involve human subjects or experimental animals must comply with the Declaration of Helsinki.
  • No revisions can be made after the abstract submission deadline.
  • Poster presentations will be in electronic format only.
  • The registration of at least one of the authors is a necessary condition



  • The abstract is limited to 2,000 characters (approx. 300 words).
  • The title should be short and significant.
  • The following structure of the abstract is mandatory: Objectives, methods, results and conclusions.
  • Concerning the methods, it has to be clear if the study is prospective or retrospective.
  • The setup of experimental studies has to be documented.
  • The abstract has to contain all relevant data and figures
  • It is not allowed to submit an abstract several times to different topic categories of the Congress.
  • The number of papers submitted by the same author is limited to 5.
  • The number of authors per abstract is limited to 5. The presenter must be listed first.
  • Authors need to have the following information readily available when submitting an abstract:
    • Complete contact information for thr presenting author including the research institution
    • Provide the abstract title in full for publishing
    • Submit the abstract text has plain text into a text box located in the online application



  • All submitted abstracts will be reviewed anonymously by three experts in the field.
  • Evaluation criteria: hypothesis, relevance, material and methodology, results and conclusions.
  • Abstracts that show formal errors (multi-submission, not anonymised, already published) will be rejected.
  • Email notifications about acceptance or refusal will be sent to the presenting author subsequent to the reviewing process.



Will be based on the following criteria:

• Scientific Merit (0 – 6)

  • Is the problem clearly stated?

  • Are the statistics sound?

  • Are there adequate numbers of subjects?

  • How is the methodology (are there controls, is this prospective vs. retrospective)? • Is the

    abstract clear / well written and are the results clear?

  • Are the conclusions supported by the results?

    • Originality of project (0-2) • Clinical Usefulness (0-2)


By submitting an abstract you are consenting to JACOMPOR  for development and education in Orthopaedics, via its appointed third-party agents, to storing your data. The personal data provided in the submission process will be used to engage and correspond with you and corresponding authors regarding your Porto International Hip Meeting 2020 abstract submission, annual scientific meeting registration and information regarding Porto Hip Unit association activities.

We guarantee the confidentiality of the personal data. Therefore, the collected personal data in the abstract submission (name, academic titles, e-mail, address, phone/skype/social media contacts) will be used only for the purposes that are specified above.
You can exercise the right of access, modification, cancellation or opposition by a written request to JACOMPOR Association by email to: